Chez Deslauriers

The property includes a heritage home (converted to a tearoom), an interpretive centre, and an outdoor stage. A 6 km coastal and inland walking trail is located directly to the north of the property. The property is a popular location for local weddings.

Open during the summer months.

Anchors Above Zipline

This ziplining adventure is located in French River, en route from Pictou County to Antigonish, and features two lines at 1100 at 900 feet long. 

Open year-round.

Cape George Lighthouse

Cape George Point Lighthouse is situated at Cape George Point in the Northumberland Shore region overlooking the waters of St. George’s Bay.

Season: May to November

Sherbrooke Village

In the 1860s, timber, tall ships and gold brought prosperity to Sherbrooke’s people. Today, you can explore this amazing village with its 25 original buildings, to experience life as it was along the St. Mary’s River before the 1900s.

Season: May to October

Keppoch Mountain

Keppoch Mountain is located on the western edge of Antigonish County and has 300 acres of wilderness to enjoy year round. With over 20kms of multi-use trails the Keppoch opens the door to awesome outdoor activities like cycling, cross-country skiing, geocaching, trail running, hiking and walking.

Open year-round.

Pomquet Beach

A quick drive from the Maritime Inn Antigonish, Pomquet Beach offers supervision for the months of July and August, and has on-site toilets and a change house.

Open year-round.

Festival Antigonish Theatre

Antigonish’s own not-for-profit community theatre hosts a variety of performances, including concerts, plays, and improv shows! Admission price varies by production.

Season: July to August

Steinhart Distillery

Interested in the art of distillation? The Steinhart Distillery is a half-hour drive from the Maritime Inn Antigonish and offers tours and tastings.

Open year-round.

Highland Games

Come join us for the annual Highland Games Festival to see the Maritimes' Finest in Scottish competitions, cultural activities, and entertainment events!

July 5-12, 2020