Eagle North Canoe & Kayak

These tours will take you through oyster aquaculture and a salt marsh to a barrier beach where you can launch the kayaks into the sea and paddle to a nearby fishing harbour. Guided sea kayak tours, hourly rentals, and customer packages - including biking, guided hiking, and whale watching - are available.

Season: June to September

Oshan Whale Cruise

Experience the wonders of the Atlantic with Oshan, a five-generation family-owned and operated business. During your tour, you will have the opportunity to see minkes, humpbacks, fin whales, pilot whales, and Atlantic white-sided dolphins, along with seabirds such as bald eagles, guillemots and cormorants.

Season: July to September

North Highlands Community Museum

This museum showcases the history and heritage of the Cape Breton Highlands. Visit a number of professionally crafted exhibits including gypsum quarrying, stores, church histories, shipwrecks, furnishings, school and transportation, and many more.

Season: June to October